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The Importance of a Will and Living Trust in Redding CA
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 Wills and Living Trusts Redding, CA William L. Meek, Attorney and Counselor at Law

The Importance of a Will and Living Trust

Do you have a will or trust?  We hope you do and for those of you who think you don’t need one, please take a moment and consider why you should.  Some think they do not need to because they feel their family already knows how to divide their belongings.  But honestly, estate planning goes far beyond division of property.  That thought process focuses on the “death” part of estate planning.  But what about all the things that happen to people while they are alive?   Like the parents with young children, who will care for them in the event something happens to the parents? 

The biggest excuses I hear are usually "I don't have any thing to leave to people and my family knows how to divide my stuff" or "I won't care what happens to my stuff, I won't be around then anyway."  These excuses focus solely on the "death" part of planning.  But what about all the things that happen to people while they are alive? If you are seriously injured in an  accident and your family will need to tack care of  your children, your home, your life.  When family members need to pay bills or handle other affairs, having a power of attorney in place allows this to happen without spending money and time obtaining the Court’s permission.  Or making sure the person of y our choosing is the one making health care decisions for you when you are unable.  Planning not only legalized their authority, but it also leads to the discussion of their medical care in crisis circumstances and end of life wishes.  

Think about your loved ones during the “living” portion of your life.  Setting up a living trust and will is very easy with the assistance of legal counsel.  Estate planning, probate and trusts involve complex areas of law.  Individual circumstances must be considered before any decisions can be made.  An attorney that specializes in living trusts and wills can work with you not only to fit it into your budget, but to help you with decisions you may be struggling with.  The first step is up to you.  Please make the call today to a Redding Living Trust Attorney that can help you. 

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